One of the hardest decisions to make when working with community cats is to relocate them.  Luckily for us, we don’t ever have to make that decision. Our role is to provide homes for displaced cats who have luckily found one of the organizations we work with, such as FACE or the Morgan County Humane Society.

So what are some of the reasons that community cats are relocated?  In our personal experience, we’ve rehomed cats for the following reasons:

  • The caretaker of the cats had to enter hospice care, and the owner of the property where the cats lived wanted the cats moved.
  • The cats were trapped for sterilization, but it wasn’t safe for them to return to their home because of threats of animal cruelty.
  • When the cat was trapped for sterilization, the vet found a birth defect, and the cat wasn’t physically able to return to his home.
  • The cats were previously kept in a rabbit hutch and seized by animal control. They were unsocialized and needed a new outdoor environment to call home.
  • The cat was pulled from animal control, and either entered the shelter as a stray or owner surrender. The cat either wasn’t thriving or wasn’t getting along with others in the community cat room and needed a change of scenery.

Today, we brought home three cats from a trailer park who are very bonded and were abandoned. There are two males and a female.

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WIP (Work In Progress)


In the knitting and crochet world, we often talked about WIPs, also known as Works In Progress. My life is one giant WIP, with a heap of sub-WIPs.  We are currently engaged in a WIP on this blog. We’re rearranging, updating, and relaunching. While we complete our work, please enjoy this picture of our very special kitten, Jud. We’ll share his story in the coming days!

Goodbye, Sweet George


(Photo Courtesy of Jane Corbett)

On Friday, October 17, at approximately 10:30 pm, Mark and I learned that our sweet boy, George, had made his way to heaven.  This was not the outcome we’d hoped for, and almost a week later, I find myself in disbelief that our Georger, Lord Fuzzybuckets, the Marquis de Fuzz, is no longer lounging in the window at our house.

I found George wandering around a gas station in June 2007 as I stopped with a group for a treat as we started our trip to the Woolley Fox that year.  It was early on a Sunday morning, and he was going from car to car.  We noticed him and checked with the attendant to see if he belonged there.  Nobody knew him, so we scooped him up and took him to Mark to watch while we were gone.  He was supposed to be a short-term visitor because he was going to live with my friend, Denise, when we got home from Pennsylvania, but Patrick had decided by the time I got home that George was a part of our family.  That was an awkward phone call to Denise…

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